A Decade of Customer-Centric Innovation: How AngelEyeHealth Listened & Acted

By:  The AngelEye Team –  Christopher Rand, CEO; Holly Barnhart, VP Sales; Jaylee Hilliard, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, CPXP, Senior Director of Clinical Strategy; Luann Jones, DNP, APRN, NNP-BC, NE-BC, Director of Customer Success & Project Management

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Over the last ten years, AngelEye Health has led digital and family engagement in neonatal and pediatric settings and is a pioneer in customer-centric product development. This commitment to listening to our hospital partners, including NICU clinicians and families, has been the cornerstone of our success in supporting our hospital partners. In this blog, we’ll explore how AngelEye has consistently listened using technology-based applications and personal interactions and how this valuable feedback has shaped our product development process and continues to shape our future roadmap.

Listening and Engaging

Listening to NICU clinicians and families is at the heart of our mission. We recognize these families’ unique needs and emotions, and the workflow challenges the neonatal environment presents to the clinicians responsible for their care. We have employed multiple channels to ensure their voices are heard in all that we do:

At AngelEyeHealth, we’ve established multiple methods to collect feedback from clinical leaders, staff, and families that allow us to objectively evaluate our solutions’ effectiveness and impact on our hospital partners and their families. This comprehensive feedback loop ensures our product development efforts and investments are focused on the right things.

Technology-Enabled Feedback Channels

Regular surveys and questionnaires are distributed through the App or Survey Monkey to NICU staff and families seeking their opinions on the user experience, features, and the overall quality of software and service they receive from AngelEye. Whether we are contemplating adding functionality or testing how new development is perceived and utilized, the clinicians’ and caregivers’/family users’ voices are all critical to the future development of our products

We then apply rigorous research and data analytics techniques to the information we collect regarding utilization, functionality, and overall system efficiency. This data-driven approach informs our product development priorities and provides formal insights on which healthcare leaders rely. We understand the importance of a strong value proposition to aid you in advocating for our technology. To that end, we offer a database of the latest research articles in our “Data Behind the Decision” section of our website to support your efforts in adding family engagement technology to the unit.

Personal Interaction Matters

We utilize a multitude of methods to interact with our customers to generate meaningful insights.

Our Support Team is accessible through phone, email, or web which gives staff and families multiple ways to engage with our team in their preferred method. All interactions are logged and analyzed as we review the solution’s effectiveness and identify opportunities to improve hardware, software, and service.

Proactive outreach by our Customer Success professionals ensures open dialog regarding how our solutions impact workflows and improve the experience for staff and families. We get first-hand, real-time input on what works and what doesn’t.

Focus groups and interviews help us better understand clinical team members’ and parents’ specific needs and concerns. These personal interactions allow us to test new ideas before we jump into development and gain meaningful insights into the value of the services from diverse perspectives.

Forums and industry conferences offer the unique opportunity to engage outside our existing partner base to learn more broadly what the industry is looking for and what challenges are currently not being met. We share our technology to get fresh perspectives on what we’re doing from an unbiased audience.

Our Clinical Advisory Board, an interdisciplinary team of clinical experts and thought leaders collaborates closely with us, challenging us and identifying trends in neonatal care. Their valuable insights and brainstorming sessions lead us to innovations and solutions that keep us at the forefront of the NICU experience for staff and families.

How a Customer-Centric Approach Looks in Practice

Practical Solutions: AngelEyeHealth’s commitment to close collaboration with all stakeholders ensures our products, solutions, and approach to service align with the formal requirements and expectations of healthcare settings. From small level II NICUs to large level IV academic medical centers, we support clinical teams and their patients and families with the latest family engagement solutions.

Educated Customers: We provide healthcare leaders with academic resources, including whitepapers, case studies, and webinars. We also offer a dedicated training website and “Champion” training to ensure continuity and consistency with all staff. These resources offer a more formal, in-depth perspective on how AngelEye Health’s solutions deliver on the standards of care and best practices prescribed by leading medical professionals. Our webinars offer a venue to facilitate engaging conversations about what matters; it’s more than presenting information but diving in with stakeholders (parents or clinicians) to get first-hand information that informs our roadmap and product development.

Continuous Improvement Through Feedback

AngelEyeHealth’s dedication to continuous improvement is evident in our proactive approach to gathering and acting on the feedback we receive. This iterative process ensures that our solutions remain on the cutting edge of family engagement solutions. This is what differentiates us from our competition.

  • We have invested in significantly expanding our team, from 5 people in 2019 to almost 50 full-time employees in 2023 + consultants focusing on technical support, clinical expertise, and an IT team that is second to none.
  • Our development team assesses all feedback and works to provide monthly updates to our hospital partners. We’ve implemented hundreds of upgrades and enhancements in the last year making sure our hardware and software remain the industry-leading solutions we’re known for.
  • We acquired and expanded MilkTracker to solve feeding management challenges on the unit and provide a meaningful experience for families.
  • From input from families and a multidisciplinary team of clinicians and medical professionals, we built our newest solution – Empower – the first NICU, automated journey-based pathway of its kind revolutionizing how families experience the NICU and transition to life at home with their child. since Jan of 2023- content and education development (189+ articles, 500 words each, 30+ messages) birth to 6 months post-discharge.

Our journey over the last decade amplifies the importance of listening to customers. By engaging with NICU clinicians and families, we have set a high standard for customer-centric innovation. Our commitment to continuous improvement through dedicated collaboration ensures that we remain a trusted partner for hospital neonatal and pediatric departments for years to come.

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