About Synova Associates

Synova Associates was formed in 2010 by Cathy Bush, Chrissy Burke, Sandy Chapman and Barbara Greer — the people who have been organizing the NICU Leadership Forum meeting since its inception in 1996. Synova’s goal is to provide innovative solutions for nurse leaders through education and consulting services.  in 2014, Synova launched the Perinatal Leadership and it has been very successful since it’s inception.   Synova also has several on-site programs and offers consulting services on a wide array of topics and leadership needs.  Please contact us for more information.

Chrissy Burke

(617) 320-5017

With twenty years in the neonatal and perinatal market space, Chrissy has built powerful relationships with business and clinical thought leaders, developed and managed hospital educational programming, and helped to define new care practices based on data and customer responses.

In her primary role as Vice President of Relationship Development for The First String Healthcare, Chrissy partners with nursing executives to provide strong, experienced leadership talent to complement and build their teams. In addition, she helps to connect new and seasoned nurse leaders with their next professional opportunity. She is passionate about the synergy between her work with Synova Associates and The First String: She connects great people with great opportunities at great institutions.

A contributor to Synova Associates since the beginning, Chrissy’s track record speaks for itself: She calls her customers ‘friends,’ creates synergies and opportunities for business partners and colleagues, and earns trust and respect.

Cathy Bush

(617) 320-5015

Cathy, a former teacher, helped to establish the NICU Leadership Forum 20 years ago and has a passion for creating inspiring and educational meetings for hospital leadership teams. Working with the Planning Committee to ask hard questions and deliver relevant content each year energizes her and helps keep the conference fresh and unique.

Working in the healthcare field for 25 years and starting her career at Children’s Medical Ventures, Cathy has held a variety of roles in the medical device industry. Her unwavering focus is aimed at meeting the needs of babies and nurses through products, educational programs and services that contribute to the improved outcomes of preemies and other hospitalized babies.

Cathy is currently a Vice President at Dandle·LION Medical, a company that proudly provides innovative and trustworthy products and programs for babies, parents and staff.

Barbara Greer


Barbara retired in 2013 as the director of the NICU at Cook Children’s Medical Center after 27 years. She was responsible for overseeing the nursing practice and quality initiative for their quaternary Level IV NICU. During her last few years at Cook Children’s, she and the unit leadership team worked in tandem with architects and builders on their state-of-the-art 106 bed, all single-room NICU, one of the largest single room units in Texas.

Although retired, Barbara is still active in her profession. She is currently serving on the Perinatal Advisory Council, which has been charged by the Texas State Legislature to develop standards of care, as well as a designation process for both Perinatal Units and NICU’s in the state. In addition, she is a
current member and past president of the Texas Perinatal Association.

Barbara has been involved with the NICU Leadership Forum since the first meeting in 1996 and enjoys planning all the social events for the meeting. She is excited about having the opportunity to now work with the Perinatal Leaders from around the country.