Building High-Performing Teams: A Partnership Journey with Atom Medical

Stacey DeMaranville, MSN, RN
Pierce Region Perinatal Nursing Director
Family Birth & Midwifery Birth Centers
St. Joseph’s Medical Center & St. Elizabeth Hospital

One of my passions is TeamSTEPPS. I’ve participated in several versions of TeamSTEPPS and last week was my inaugural teaching of a Master Trainer course. I love seeing individual experts learn and grow together as they create their team of experts through effective communication, mutual respect, trust and open feedback. As nursing leaders, this is what we all want for our teams. It’s also the type of team we want to partner with, especially when it’s focused on specialized equipment essential to our work and our patients.

I was introduced to Atom Medical in 2015 at my first Synova Perinatal Leadership Forum when I stopped at their booth, looked over their products, and quickly chatted with a representative. I was on a mission to fill my passport with stamps for the drawing, as all good attendees are.  At that time, I could not have envisioned what a trusted partner this team of experts would become. 

At the 2021 conference, Ichiro Matsubara, CEO of Atom Medical Corporation hosted a reception to further connect with attendees.  While there may have been intentions of it being a marketing event or an attempt to solicit my future business, I walked away with a different perspective.  I saw a business partner who was earning my trust through a high-quality product, focused on patient safety and staff efficiency.  It’s in the DNA of Atom Medical to take care of their customers at all levels, as was exemplified by their third-generation CEO traveling from Japan to support his team at our Synova event.

Last year, my partnership with Atom Medical grew exponentially.  As part of a large healthcare organization, we were faced with a widespread, serious safety issue that needed to be addressed quickly.  Sound familiar?  We needed support for the immediate problem, but also support that would continue past this single event.  Atom Medical not only stepped up to the plate, but they hit a home run!  They delivered on their promises, making the change as easy as possible while maintaining a high-quality product with a more affordable price tag than other companies.  We even tested their commitment when a significant concern arose early in the implementation.  Once again, Atom Medical lived up to its mission “to save a tiny baby’s life” by listening to the issue, taking it back to the Atom Medical team, and making the product even more safe and efficient!  True business partners don’t just stop at the sale.

Did Atom Medical take a TeamSTEPPS Master Trainer course?  I don’t know. But they are functioning as a high-performing team of experts who utilize effective communication, mutual respect, and trust when working with every customer regardless of the size of the account.  I look forward to continuing my partnership with Atom Medical, knowing we are going to achieve our goals together.  And maybe I’ll get to teach TeamSTEPPS to Atom Medical one day.

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Since 1938, ATOM Medical has been developing innovative products to meet the special demands of the maternal/infant care environment. “To save a tiny baby’s life,” has been the corporate mission since the very beginning. Learn about ATOM Medical’s infant care products and ATOM’s commitment to customer service.

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