Patients First Products – Industry Partner Spotlight

Patients First Products, and their parent company Safe Strap, have over 30 years of experience creating innovative safety products for children. In recent years Patient First Products (PFP) prioritized creating healthcare products to help safely transport infants around hospitals and clinics. The PFP mission is to improve infant transportation outcomes and improve healthcare workers’ working conditions. The two products that can help your system save time and money, minimize infant falls, improve patient and employee satisfaction, and maximize discharge efficiencies are the Infant Discharge Cart and Infant Mini Transport. These products exceed the standards issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and provide families with a “one trip” discharge. The carts are so convenient and easy to use that Disney offers them to their guests to navigate the parks.

Infant Discharge Cart

Most hospitals do not have a safe and secure way to transport infants and families to their cars after the birthing process. Nurses find creative ways to transport families throughout the healthcare facility by using an extra wheelchair, food carts, or placing the infant carrier on the mom’s lap. These modes are not convenient and may put the infant at an increased risk of falling because it is not appropriately secured. 

The Infant Discharge Cart benefits are:

  • Discharge staff can transport the family, infant, and belongings in one trip.
  • The cart wheels are super quiet, have static disruptors, and do not mark floors.
  • Car seat testing can be completed in the patient room as the cart sits at the perfect angle.
  • It works well with all models of infant carriers.
  • Easily stackable and space-saving.

Infant Mini Transport

The Infant Mini Transport is used in various healthcare settings to move infants and their families safely. Parents visit healthcare clinics frequently after delivering their baby, requiring them to walk with an infant carrier, belongings, and other items. The Infant Mini Transport improves the families’ experience while transporting the infant throughout the system.

The Infant Mini Transport benefits are:

  • Allows families to safely and conveniently transport their infant and belongings throughout the facility.
  • The check-in process is less hassle for appointments
  • Quickly move the infant into tight areas.
  • It works well with all models of infant carriers.


Patient First Products is committed to improving safety, convenience, and efficiency in transporting families through healthcare facilities. Synova family member Brittany James, MSN, RN, Director of Maternity Services, says,

The experience I had with Sue on purchasing our infant discharge carts was excellent. She was very quick to respond to all questions and requests for quotes. We are also very pleased with our product. The staff found the carts very helpful, creating the discharge process easier than before. The patients like them as well! We have a cart in our lobby area, the mother/baby unit, and the pediatric unit. We also have one in our front lobby to help visitors and patients transport their infant carriers, making it easier for new moms that have lifting restrictions.”

Holzer Health System uses PFP products; here is what they have to say:

“One of our strategic patient experience objectives is to create ease and convenience for our patients and their family. The infant discharge cart supports that objective by providing an unexpected WOW moment to lessen the burden of carrying multiple bags and belongings long distances to their vehicle.”  Ryan Finch, Executive Director, Organizational Experience


“Our goal is to deliver safe, quality, and patient-centered care to our patients. The discharge cart checks the box on all of these deliverables.”  Lisa Detty, Chief Nursing Officer/Executive Vice President


“We have received very positive comments from both our Pediatric and OB patients. It has been extremely helpful at discharge in assisting patients with their belongings and escorting them to their vehicles in a timely, easy manner!” Nikki Hogan, Inpatient Pediatric and OB Manager

To learn more about Patients First Products please visit our Synova Industry Partner page, visit our website or reach out directly to our National Sales Director Sue Casey at

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