A Reflection of Gratitude from Lori and Melissa

It is hard to believe that the 2022 NICU Leadership Forum was just over a month ago. The Synova team was left feeling so grateful and overwhelmed with love because of the gracious gestures from our nurse leader community, event sponsors, conference faculty and Executive Advisory Board members. The unpredictable Florida weather created an interesting twist to challenge attendees, but with our amazing community support we prevailed and the conference was a great success. 

Synova Community

It warms our hearts that people did extraordinary things to show their support and love for Synova because they truly believe in our mission. Synova community members endured long flight delays, drove hours, and chartered private planes just to get to the conference before the opening reception. And, Synova leaders stepped up to fill in for speakers that could not make it to the conference because of flight cancellations or delays. We are so proud and thankful for our community going above and beyond to make the NICU Leadership Forum astounding.

We were moved by the thought of Synova community members connecting in airports across the country as they waited for their Florida flights. People noticed other Synova conference attendees in the airport because they each had Cy Wakeman’s book “Life’s Messy, Live Happy Things Don’t Have to Be Perfect for You to be Content.” Thank you Pampers for getting Cy’s book to all conference attendees. How great is it that the Synova conference connections began outside the conference? It goes without saying that our community is thriving, strong and supportive.

Synova Ambassadors 

After returning to in person events at the 25th Anniversary Nurse Leadership Forum last November, a group of Synova community members focused on getting to know one another and building a Synova tribe. They became our Synova Ambassadors, and they were integral in welcoming first time conference attendees to the NICU Leadership Forum. The Ambassadors helped with conference registration, attendee throughput, and connected everyone as a Synova family. One thing that makes the Synova community unique and special is that individuals become part of a strong network of leaders with similar challenges, goals, quality and safety standards, and practice models. 

The Synova Ambassadors are existing members of our network that guide first time attendees in becoming part of the community, as well as finding peer to peer support and connections. Synova’s goal is to ensure first time attendees find their people, fill their cup, and they leave wanting more. With the support of our Ambassadors we were able to deliver a one of a kind experience to 66 first time attendees at the 2022 NICU Leadership Forum. 

Synova Certification

We can not fully explain the overwhelming feelings that came with these amazing acts of love and generosity. The Synova community is unlike any other nurse leadership community. Although mother nature decided to challenge us, we were all able to pivot and continue to thrive because of our supportive Synova family.

Over the past year we have listened to the needs of our nurse leaders and we learned that supporting our community through education and development is essential. At the NICU Leadership Forum we launched a new nurse leadership program with Cy Wakeman and unveiled the process of building a Perinatal and Neonatal Nurse Leadership Certification. Click here for information and registration information for our new Synova initiative created especially for you. 

Lastly, as we close the book on NICU Leadership Forum 2022 we are so grateful for the Synova team that works tirelessly at our events to provide the best possible experience for our attendees, faculty, and event sponsors. We were moved by the beautiful video that our staff put together and presented at the conference closing. Recognition, even though it is not necessary because we love what we do, was so incredibly meaningful to us. We are reminded daily how honored we are to be surrounded by this wonderful Synova Community. 

Join Us in 2022!

If you would like to connect with other nurse leaders and have the experience of a lifetime, join Synova in beautiful Naples, Florida. The 2022 Perinatal Leadership Forum is planned for November 6-9, 2022, and will focus on a People, Purpose and Passion: Rekindling our Why. Do not wait to register for the 2022 Perinatal Leadership forum, because it will sell out!