Announcing The Launch of the Synova Nurse Leadership Certification, (SNLC)

Synova has been committed to advancing nurse leadership education for over 25 years, and has officially announced the launch of their new certification, the Synova Nurse Leader Certification (SNLC). This new model of certification will be awarded to NICU and Perinatal Nurse Leaders that have demonstrated their dedication and expertise in Synova’s three key pillars of leadership expertise; Organizational Change, Professional Leadership Development, and Operational Leadership.

What Makes SNLC Different From Other Certifications?

The SNLC was created for Nurse Leaders committed to solving the real-life challenges they are facing in their units, such as staff shortages, burnout, turnover, low patient experience scores, supply shortages, poor collaboration within teams and overall career fulfillment.

According to the Press Ganey survey, nearly 30% of nurses are considering leaving their current jobs. Press Ganey’s report said that the risk of leaving is exacerbated if the nurse has a lack of connection with their employer/manager. And that risk is growing: Ratings of engagement with their employers dropped twice as fast among registered nurses compared to non-nurses over the past year, according to Press Ganey.

The Synova Nurse Leadership Certification addresses today’s issues by curating events,  programs and educational resources that address three core pillars of proficiency for today’s Nurse Leader:

Organizational Change
Organizational Change:
Learn to effectively manage organizational change and team build to achieve a desirable culture and productive work environment. Key areas for development: Strategic initiatives, navigating change, team development.

Professional and Personal Leadership Development
: Improve on communications and relationship development. Key areas for development:  Difficult conversations, Positive Influence on team patients and families, experience of improved well-being, professional presence.

Operational Leadership
Operational Leadership:
Develop operational prowess in targeted areas such as budgeting, staffing, and process development. Key Areas: Interviewing, Staff reviews, Quality and Safety.

New research conducted shows that 77% of managers who receive regular management training say they like or love their current job. (

By deepening their skillset in these key areas, Nurse Leaders will be able to accelerate their leadership efficacy, facilitate desired change in their units and organizations, expand their network of influence and create workplace environments that make nursing careers more fulfilling for themselves, and their team.

How to Get Certified

In order to receive the SNLC, nurses who are in a formal leadership role will first register to proceed through the certification process. The registration process will include a pre-test and roadmap for achieving the certification.

Requirements for Completion:

  • Complete 1 Synova Pinwheel Program: The Reality-Based Nurse Leadership Program
  • Complete 15 Leadership CEs, 5 in each of the Pillars (achieved through complimentary and tuition-based resources available on the MySynova Community E-Learning System including Webinars and Online Learning Sessions, at a Synova Conference or other qualifying nurse leadership activity)
  • Attend at least 2 Mastermind calls with peers and Synova

For SNLC-N and SNLC-P, the above requirements must be met along with participation in the Synova NICU Leadership Forum or Perinatal Leadership Forum respectively.

After completion of the SNLC requirements, Nurse Leaders can submit proof of requirement completion along with a non-refundable $199 application fee on the Synova Associates website to complete the certification and post-test evaluation process. When their evaluation is approved they will receive their SNLC certificate and digital seals to be used on LinkedIn and other professional profiles.

Are you a Nurse Leader looking to get your SNLC into place? Click here for more info!