February 6, 2020: Eat, Sleep, Console:

The Baby, The Myth, The Learnings

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Eat, Sleep, Console is an initiative that focuses on maximizing non-pharmacologic care for drug-exposed infants. This has been gaining traction at many hospitals and has shown very positive results for the baby, the family, and unit staff. Learn about one unit’s journey to implement this program and how they overcame common challenges.


  1. Describe two key difference between the Eat, Sleep, Console program and your current management of babies with NAS
  2. Assess your organization’s readiness/ability to implement an Eat, Sleep and Console program in the NICU


Meaghan Smith, MSN, RN, has been the Director of Pediatrics, Women’s and Children’s Services at the Elliot Health System in Manchester, NH since 2016. Meaghan is a nurse leader with 15 years of perinatal nursing experience having started her career in an LDRP setting providing care to both low and high-risk women and their babies. In her role as Director, she has led Pediatrics and Women’s and Children’s Services in the implementation of multiple quality improvement initiatives including the implementation of Eat, Sleep and Console (ESC) in Maternity, NICU and Pediatrics improving outcomes as it relates to the enhancement of non-pharmacologic care, focusing on the baby’s ability to eat, sleep and be consoled; transitioning them to Pediatrics for further surveillance or pharmacologic treatment only when medically necessary. Meaghan is a member of the NH AWHONN Coordinating team and is an active member of the NH Maternal Mortality Review Committee.

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