– Leader Lessons

These Leader Lesson videos are ideal for:

  • Sharing with new leaders
  • Using in nurse orientations
  • Embedding in presentations

Thank you to GE Healthcare for sponsoring the creation and promotion of Synova’s Leader Lessons.

Chrissy Burke, MBA, BA
Four simple steps to ensure a successful interview.
Running Time 4:25
Effectively Giving and Receiving Feedback
Diane Leonard, MS, RN, C-EFM
Lessons learned on how to appropriately give and receive feedback.
Running Time 3:15
Running an Effective Meeting
Pam Spivey, MSN, APRN, CCNS
What is essential to running an effective meeting?
Running Time 3:27
Thais Seltzer, BSN, RNC-OB
Important ideas to support self-care as a nurse leader.
Running Time 2:45
Breathing Room
Thais Seltzer, BSN, RNC-OB
Key messages to help manage the stress of leadership.
Running Time 3:01
Building Trust
Carol Head, MSN, RN
Key elements of building trust with your leaders and those who work for you.
Running Time 2:48
Nursing Etiquette
Paula Webb, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FAONL
Lessons learned from a former CNO about the importance of proper etiquette.
Running Time 5:11
Team & Mentor
Jane Smallcomb, RNC, BSN, MS
Key points to help you build your leadership team.
Running Time 3:40
90 Day Plan
Susan Bowles, DNP, CNS, RNC-NIC
Learn strategies for a successful first 90 days in a new leadership role.
Running Time 3:14
Transitioning to Leader
Megan Gillespie, MBA, MSN, RN, NE-BC
Learning to love leadership.
Running Time 3:46
Prepping for an Interview
Chrissy Burke, MBA, BA
Key strategies for interview preparation.
Running Time 1:55