Synova Mission

Synova delivers exceptional educational experiences designed to engage, energize and transform neonatal and perinatal nurse leadership teams.

Synova Vision

Synova is dedicated to creating a culture where the leadership experience is rewarding and desirable.

About us

Synova Associates LLC is a nurse leader education company. Synova’s leadership forums and meetings provide NICU and perinatal nurse leaders with innovative information and solutions to help them achieve their goals and find more joy in their work. Synova’s programming helps nurse leaders understand the importance of culture, leadership and team development, along with broadening their professional networks. Synova has two co-owners, wonderful staff who support all operations of the company, a board of executives advisors, and a community of long time supporters and sponsors.

Join us at a leadership conference!

The Synova Leadership Forums are one of a kind meetings that provide nurse leaders with cutting edge information, innovative solutions and exceptional networking, as well as relaxation and rejuvenation.

Attendees network with “like minds” to gain insights into how they can find joy even during difficult times and develop strategies that promote meaning in their practice environments.

  • Leave the conference with a clear understanding of the importance of presence, culture, and leadership in developing teams
  • Enjoy numerous opportunities to broaden your network of fellow leaders through sharing challenges, insights, and perspectives

Meet the SYNOVA Partners

Melissa Gehl

Melissa Gehl


With nearly 15 years in the field of maternal and infant health, Melissa is devoted to ensuring the best outcomes for moms and babies. Her early days as a social worker supporting low income mothers in Chicago led her to the March of Dimes where she spent ten years improving the NICU experience for families and staff. In this role, she led the development of a nationally standardized NICU parent education curriculum, created print and digital educational materials, trained healthcare staff across the country on family centered care and patient experience, and helped many NICUs achieve their patient experience goals through customized program planning.

Melissa enjoys working closely with others to cultivate potential and to achieve shared goals. And she likes finding opportunities to blend the use of creative approaches with an analytical basis. She is honored to support nurse leaders as they strive for the best for their staff and families.

Most recently Lori was the Senior Director of NICU Innovation at the March of Dimes. She led a team that created the My NICU Baby app, spearheaded the development of the March of Dimes Training Institute, and provided the direction and vision for the NICU Family Support Program for the last 10 years. This program served over 100 hospitals nationally, 70,000 NICU families and provided education to 10,000 perinatal and neonatal professionals each year.

Lori, a trained professional counselor, has previously worked in the fields of victim services, was national trainer for Victims Assistance, and is a nationally recognized expert in the fields of patient experience, crisis intervention, PTSD, communication skills, and maternal fetal health. She has been a national trainer for over 20 years and has been featured on multiple news outlets including MSNBC. She has served on the executive planning committee for many professional organizations including Synova.