24th Annual
NICU Leadership Forum
April 19 – 23, 2020
Naples Grande Hotel
Naples, FL

NICU Leadership Forum
– Pre-Conferences

Engaging and Empowering Staff: Creating a Culture of Excellence

The New Leader Bootcamp is led by two experienced leaders and teachers: Jodi Coombs and Joan Rikli. The Bootcamp is aimed at leaders with less than 3 years of leadership experience and is a time for people to learn basic finance and leadership skills as well as learn from each other.

  • Jodi Coombs, MBA, RN, Vice President of Women and Children at the Floating Hospital for Children and Tufts MC
  • Joan Rikli, MSN, RN, CPNP-BC, NE-BC, Director of Neonatal Intensive Care and Women’s and Infants Services at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital

Cultivating a Healthy Workforce by Eliminating Disruptive Behaviors: Strategies for Healthcare Leaders (half day morning)

The healthcare environment is getting more and more complex. Increasing demands, decreasing resources, burnout, bullying, and incivility have challenged healthcare leaders now more than ever before. In this workshop leaders will learn the tools and strategies to identify disruptive behaviors that undermine a culture of safety, set behavioral expectations with employees, and hold staff accountable for professional behavior.

  • Renee Thompson, DNP, RN, CMSRN

Discover Your Strengths: Lead with Authenticity (half day afternoon)

Have you ever wondered what sets you apart as a leader and makes you unique? Leaders who use their innate talents are not only more engaged but inspire and engage their team members. Using the CliftonStrengths assessment, this preconference will explore your talents and how to productively apply them in your role as a leader. This session will not only focus on your unique leadership strengths but will also help you explore strategic partnerships and consider how to create a strengths-based environment for your team.

  • Meghan Chun, MDiv, MBA

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