7th annual perinatal leadership forum

november 15-18 | the naples grande | naples, florida

Perinatal Leadership Forum
– Information for Sponsors

Interested in becoming a Perinatal Leadership Forum sponsor?

Contact Kim Fresch at for more information.

Registered sponsor to do list:

Exhibit details:

Exhibit Hall Hours – refer to the Conference Agenda for final exhibit hall times

  • Monday, November 16 – afternoon
  • Tuesday, November 17 – midday

Setup and Take Down

  • Setup begins Monday, November 16 at 10am.
  • Take down: Tuesday, November 17 at approximately 1:00pm (immediately following the last exhibit time). Boxes will be delivered as quickly as possible.

  • You need to arrange to ship your items via UPS, Fed Ex, or your own pre-arranged carrier. We do not take any responsibility for any items that are left on the last day.

Booth Information and Placement

Each booth will include:

  • One skirted 6 foot table (if you need different or additional furniture, you will need to contact the hotel and it will be at your own expense)

  • Two chairs

  • An 8X10 carpeted space

  • Electricity to power a laptop if you requested it (if you need an additional electrical outlet, you will need to contact the hotel and it will be at your own expense) – 2019 Exhibit form – PSAV services

  • General overhead lighting

Booth assignments will be made as we get closer to the conference. If there is a company you prefer NOT to be next to, or one you WANT to be next to please let Kimberly Fresch know ASAP. Booths cannot be changed once assignments have been made.

Shipping Information


To ensure maximum participation from attendees, a “Passport Game” requires participants to visit every sponsor in order to be eligible for raffle prizes. Contact Kim Fresch with the raffle item you would like to contribute. Items valued over $100 will be given away at the end of the Tuesday mid-day exhibit time in the exhibit hall and all other items will be given away during the Synova Party. All raffles must be done through Synova, not at your booth.

Social Events

Our social events are an excellent opportunity to get to know your customers better. We strongly encourage all sponsors to attend the Tuesday evening Dinner and Entertainment – Tuesday, November 17 at 6:30pm.

Sponsor “EXTRA” Opportunities

There are several opportunities to have your company highlighted at the meeting and to share your brand with the attendees in a special way. You can choose a Seat Drop, Email Blast, APP Push or Banner Ad and several other options. If you are interested, contact Kimberly Fresch at 817-296-4603.

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