GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare is a leading provider of medical imaging, monitoring and Life Science Technologies. GE Healthcare enables precision health in diagnostics, therapeutics and monitoring through intelligent devices, data analytics, analytics, applications and services to help providers, researchers and life sciences companies in their mission to improve outcomes for patients around the world.


OBIX Perinatal Data System

Designed with the clinicians in mind, the OBIX system provides complete central, bedside, and remote, electronic fetal monitoring. We work cooperatively with industry-leading EHR companies to secure a seamless integration between systems, to deliver a premier perinatal software solution for obstetrics patient care. The OBIX system’s E-Tools were developed to aid, not replace, clinicians in making timely, informed, and quality decisions at the patient bedside.

Procter & Gamble

At Pampers, we’re dedicated to promoting healthy growth and development as babies make the journey from womb to world. We believe that care should be inspired by the unique needs of each developmental stage and that partnership between families and professionals is essential to providing that support.


ATOM Medical

Established in 1938, ATOM Medical Corporation has been the innovative developer in neonatal care products with one objective in mind: “To Save a Tiny Baby’s Life” by providing the best therapeutic environment possible for these fragile patients. At the same time, dedication to high quality manufacturing practices and unwavering customer service has been a hallmark of the ATOM business.


Philips Mother & Child Care
Your passion, our commitment
Philips helps you deliver the next generation of care for mother and child, right from the
start and through every stage of the journey. We provide you with innovative, clinically
proven solutions and unwavering support – to help you provide the best care possible at
this important time of life.



Kimberly-Clark HUGGIES Healthcare
HUGGIES believes deeply in the Power of Hugs. That’s why every Huggies diaper and baby wipe is inspired by parents’ hugs. For nearly 40 years, HUGGIES has been helping parents provide care and reassurance to help babies thrive. No Baby Unhugged is HUGGIES promise to ensure babies get the care they need– from innovative everyday products and specially-designed products for the tiniest of babies, to diapers and wipes donations.


Founded in 1990, LINET is an international leader in healthcare technology with patient beds installed in over 100 countries. LINET manufacturers innovative beds for the ICU, Medical-Surgical, Labor & Delivery, One-Day Care, and Long-Term Care environments that promote patient and nurse safety, facilitate early mobilization, assist in better adherence to turning schedules, improve pain management, and help reduce infection rates. The company’s U.S. headquarters is in Charlotte, N.C.