7th annual perinatal leadership forum

november 15-18 | the naples grande | naples, florida

Perinatal Leadership Forum
– Pre-Conferences

Perinatal Scheduling, Staffing and Budget Management in the Face of COVID-19  (Half day, AM) 

ChrysMarie Suby, TLMP, President-CEO, Labor Management Institute; Martha Giangiulio MHA, RN, CCSS, CCRL, Adjunct Faculty, Labor Management Institute;  Heather McCrohan, MBA, CCSS, CCRL, Director of Operations, Labor Management Institute 

This pre-conference will share best practices for scheduling, staffing and budget management for the Nurse Leader. Participants will complete interactive exercises to facilitate skill growth relative to FTE budgeting, utilization of schedule requirements, schedule construction and auditing. Together, we will unlock the plan to design and deliver the human resources to provide safe care to the neonatal population, including: a balanced schedule, skill mix, education and replacement of paid and unpaid absence.


From Fear, Anxiety, and Burnout to Confidence, Control, and Resilience: Practical Solutions for Healthcare Leaders Post Pandemic (Half day, PM)
Renee Thompson, DNP, RN, CSP, CEO & Founder, Healthy Workforce Institute

Never before have healthcare professionals been under a spotlight. The entire world is counting on nurses, physicians, and support staff to save the human race from the COVID-19 virus. Doing so effectively requires extraordinary leadership.
Every day throughout the pandemic leaders have to put their own fears, anxieties, and insecurities aside and put their game-face on when they cross the threshold of their workspace. Stepping every day to fight the battle AND address the negativity cloud that surrounds the “war zone” can feel like a heavy burden for leaders. This burden, carried day after day, can destroy a leader’s confidence, increase burnout, and damage teams.
In this preconference, leaders will learn practical strategies to become confident, equipped, and resilient to continue leading their teams.

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