Synova Nurse Leadership Certification

Our Nurse Leadership Certification (or the SNLC designation) is awarded to Nurse Leaders that have demonstrated their dedication to deepening their expertise in areas of Organization Change, Professional Leadership Development, and Operational Leadership. Apply now to get certified through Synova Associates and our team will support you in developing your personalized track for advancing your professional influence!

Organizational Change - Professional & Personal Leadership Development - Operational Leadership


  • Applicants must be a nurse in a formal leadership role
  • Register to begin your learning plan and take the pre-test
  • Complete 1 Synova Pinwheel Program: The Reality-Based Nurse Leadership Program
  • Complete 15 Leadership CEs, 5 in each of the Pillars (achieved through complimentary and tuition-based resources available on the MySynova Community E-Learning System including Webinars and Online Learning Sessions, at a Synova Associates Leadership Forum Event or other qualifying nurse leadership activities)
  • For SNLC-N and SNLC-P special designation, the above requirements must be met along with participation in the Synova NICU Leadership Forum or Perinatal Leadership Forum respectively.

Synova Nurse Leadership Certification


  • Learn how to effectively manage organizational change and team build to achieve a desirable and productive workplace culture
  • Learn strategies for difficult conversations as related to performance or change enhance overall communication and relationship development skillset 
  • Develop operational prowess in targeted areas such as budgeting, finance, and process development as it relates to your staff and your unit
  • Receipt of official SNLC Certificate for a three-year term
  • Licensing of SNLC Seal on your LinkedIn and Professional Profiles and use of SNLC-N (NICU) or SNLC-P (Perinatal) designations in your title
  • Advance your professional influence and expand your network reach

How To Get Started

To start the Synova Nurse Leadership Certification process, first register and take the pre-test. You will receive a roadmap to use to align your learning plan with your strategic nurse leadership goals from each of the required categories listed above.

How to Complete the Certification Process

After meeting the certification requirements, click the “apply” button below to complete the application by submitting documentation of coursework and completing a post-test. There is a non-refundable application fee of $199.