Synova Announces Partnership with Cy Wakeman to Launch the Reality-Based Nurse Leadership Program at the NICU Leadership Forum, Naples, FL

This past Monday in Naples, FL, Synova Associates announced an exciting partnership with author and international leadership development coach Cy Wakeman to launch the Reality-Based Nurse Leadership Program, a specialized course to advance nurse leadership skills and competencies in the evolving world of healthcare. The creation of this program fills the gaps in areas like culture, leadership, team development, networking, and career fulfillment in a field that primarily focuses on clinical advancement.

What the Program Includes:

The Reality-Based Nurse Leadership Program by Cy Wakeman and Synova Associates provides a modern leadership philosophy based on the best practices for mental health and the study of human behaviors. This program helps nurse leaders learn to properly manage the energies of those around them to provide a more productive and positive environment. The virtual program focuses on finding immediate tools and actionable strategies in the workplace, including: 

  • A methodology for building sustainable resilience that propels growth without burnout
  • Self-reflection techniques to learn how to evolve your mindset and the mindset of others
  • Strategies to develop accountability in your unit and nursing teams with high staff engagement
  • Business readiness philosophy, a proactive approach to resilience and adapting to change
  • The Twelve Core Tools of the Reality-Based Nurse Leadership (RBNL) is a toolkit to impact your teams in measurable ways
  • One Free Conference Tuition to your choice of Synova’s NICU Leadership Forum or Perinatal Leadership Forumn if you register before May 15th, 2022.

Key Challenges the RBNL Program Addresses:

Nurse leaders need a new approach to leadership, especially with ever-evolving policies and all-time high staff turnover rates. We need nurse leaders who can recreate the mindsets of themselves and others to change an organization’s culture and enhance team development. Current nurse leadership programs and certifications often over-focus on the technical, clinical, and operational skills of financial management, human resource management, performance, and technology. With the RBNL, we want to grow and improve nurse leaders’ mindsets by bypassing the ego and drama, filling the gaps of areas often overlooked when creating a positive and passionate workplace culture. 

How to Get Started:

The launch of this program is designed specifically for nurse leaders in mind to ensure they will be well supported for all future challenges. This program is a foundation and the first step to obtaining the Synova Nurse Leadership Certification (SNLC), a new designation that will be awarded to nurse leaders with outstanding achievement in three key pillars. 

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