Synova – Simply the Best, Better than All the Rest!

The Synova 25th Anniversary Nurse Leadership Forum was one of the most well received conferences in Synova history. This year the conference had more than 300 attendees and 77 sponsors. This was our first combined perinatal and neonatal event with more than 30 chief nurse executives and almost 100 directors overseeing women’s and children’s services across the country. Nothing felt more real or exciting than the moment we began to see each other in person rather than through computer screens. Conference participants were able to stop and take a collective sigh of relief knowing that the next five days would be a time to heal and be heard.  

Over the last month, the Synova staff and owners have taken time to listen and understand the feedback from attendees. In reviewing conference feedback, here is a small snippet of what two leaders shared about their Leadership Forum experiences. 

The Synova Experience 

When you speak to attendees of a Synova conference, it’s easy to find new participants and many who frequently return for the conference each year. When asked what it is that keeps them returning or what inspires the first time attendance, the answer frequently revolves around how different the experience is for participants. It is described as personal, rejuvenating, uplifting, emotional, connecting, and healing. Leadership is known to be challenging, and the last two years have taken that challenge to a whole new level. By uniting fellow perinatal and neonatal leaders from across the country, the conference exceeded those expectations and took leaders to a whole new level.  

“The 25th Anniversary Nurse Leadership Forum was more surreal and emotional than I had anticipated. I didn’t realize I needed personal contact and the human touch until I was in the moment. I always look forward to the sessions, but this agenda was far beyond what I had seen before.”

“Megan Borrero, a fellow nurse leader, gave a track presentation on imposter syndrome, and knowing that every leader suffers from this made me feel less alone. When I looked around the room it was standing room only. That one session provided me with such validation. Validation that we are all in the same boat, we are all facing covid challenges, staffing shortages, and anxiety from turnover.” 

“Dominic Cottone reminded us to breathe and asked us to voice our fears. This is something I would never have done in a room of 300 peers and yet, leaders stood up and said what I was thinking. These are the priceless moments you only get at a Synova conference. These amazing presentations keep me coming back every year and the bar for the content keeps getting higher.”

“The networking lunches were better than ever!!! It was great to have perinatal and neonatal collaboration, which has never been done in Synova’s history! Networking did not stop after the formal meetings. We continued connecting over great parties, music, and activities included in the conference. The Synova parties are second to none. And, the setting was phenomenal. We could relax at the pool to enjoy one another’s company and continue our amazing conversations.” 

“The Synova conference was more rejuvenating than I ever hoped. I was able to make new relationships and feed established ones. I presented this year at the conference and it felt so surreal. I was overwhelmed to see all the leaders I find exceptional, listening to what I had to say. It was one of those moments that I will never forget. I had to remind myself to take a breath and soak it all in.”  

“I left the conference feeling validated, rejuvenated, and fulfilled. I felt safe. The environment was loving, and the conference put me on a high, which kept me wanting more. I am forever grateful for the Synova team, presenters, and sponsors. I keep thinking about how amazing it felt to have personal connections with people. I cannot wait to see what the future holds!”

“As a first time Synova Conference attendee, I did not know what to expect. I have participated in many conferences, but the 25th Anniversary Nurse Leadership Forum was unlike anything I have ever experienced. When I walked into the first Synova event, I felt the happy energy of the leaders coming together in a way I have never experienced before. That energy continued to grow as the conference progressed. I knew right away that I was about to engage in something meaningful that could change the course of my leadership journey.”

“I experienced so many emotions while participating in the conference. We laughed. We cried. We hugged each other. We all felt part of this supportive community of leaders. For the first time in a long time I felt safe. As Omicron is surging and making people feel vulnerable again, it is important to remember what we learned together in November. Connecting with people face to face brought a sense of belonging and community that I not only missed, but have discovered is necessary for my mental health and wellbeing.”

“I met two people from different parts of the country during the conference that I truly connected with. They have the same challenges, needs, and opportunities to capitalize on, so we decided to stay connected after the conference. We frequently call one another to brainstorm, offer support, and share ideas to support each other. This is what a Synova conference is all about, making connections that support us as leaders.”

“I am fairly new to the nursing leadership space and the Synova Conference gave me the confidence and strength to grow in my new role. I feel honored and lucky to have networked with other amazing nurse leaders. Some of my networking efforts have already given way to new opportunities. It was very inspiring to connect with influential leaders and learn clear strategies to improve team building, connection, and patient care.”   

“The Synova conference was exactly what I needed this year and I’m beyond excited to see what the future holds for me and the Synova family.”

The conference was held in a beautiful location and there were no shortage of fun parties, activities, food, and swag. Synova is known for its fantastic, fun-loving, well-planned evening festivities including the highlighted theme party! Those that have attended before know exactly what we are talking about, and well for those of you who haven’t…it is the experience of a lifetime shared alongside other leaders who are also ready to enjoy a little R&R. 

Join Us in 2022!

If you would like to connect with other nurse leaders and have the experience of a lifetime, join Synova in beautiful Naples, Florida. The 2022 NICU Leadership Forum is planned for April 3-7, 2022, and will focus on a path to recovery: leading your team with resolve and respect. Do not wait to register for the 2022 NICU Leadership forum, because it will sell out!