Interview with Dave Gordon, Keynote Speaker, 2018 PLF

Synova Associates: What are you planning to present as the keynote speaker at this year’s Synova Associates Perinatal Leadership Forum?

Dave:  I am, by trade, a brand strategist, which means I focus on a mission to help individuals with ‘brand alignment’ in work and life. I’ve also been the leader of a number of sales organizations, and the one thing any leader in any business must strive for is “trust”. Without trust, you will never sell a product, service, idea or medical treatment. So, gaining trust in your targeted audience is imperative for any leader to do their job well. I’ll be working with Synova’s nurse leaders during the conference to help them break down the skills and processes necessary to gain trust from their most important audiences, resulting in better productivity for their teams and their organization.

Synova Associates: Tell us more about your philosophy of ‘the must for trust’.

Dave: It is my belief that if a person, group or company wants to succeed, there must be a solid foundation of trust. This holds true particularly in the nursing field where crucial decisions are being made every day, and staff are counting on each other in a way that is more critical than in other work settings. If you can’t count on the person working next to you to do their job, that’s only going to make your job harder because you can’t focus 100% on your responsibilities.

Synova Associates: This philosophy sounds like it can apply to all of us, not just at work, but in our daily lives as well.

Dave: Absolutely. We face the need to trust constantly in our daily lives. For example, while driving in your car, you’re trusting other drivers to hopefully follow the rules of the road; where we shop, where we go to eat, where we get our news. Gravitating towards people, places and things that we trust is a common thread that permeates our daily life.  The opposite of that is distrust, which we should try to avoid at all costs.

Synova Associates: How can nurse leaders use the knowledge you’ll be imparting during the conference to build the right trust?

Dave: It’s important to know how we use this knowledge in order to build trust in the nursing profession. I’ll be talking about simple methods like non-verbal trust building or how to handle a staff discussion when you’re exhausted or having a bad day. Communication during moments of extreme pressure or stress can impact the level of trust for months to come.  When we get into work, sometimes we’re reactive and things can blow up half way into the day. My role is to help these nurse leaders get their staff to trust them and earn their trust in a proactive way. I’ll be presenting some anecdotal examples that will help them when they encounter these situations.

Synova Associates: Do you have to like someone to trust them?

Dave:  The easiest way to get to trust is likeability. However, competency is just as important.  Being likeable doesn’t mean you’re saying ‘yes’ to everyone. In the case of a perinatal nurse, they can’t allow family members to dictate medical treatment, so the nurse must bring the logic to the situation and remove the emotion from the equation. However, that doesn’t mean the families aren’t suffering and don’t have a strong emotional component. That’s where the trust comes in.

Synova Associates: What are the three main topics you’ll be covering?

Dave: (1) Trust is everything; (2) Identifying self-awareness; (3) Your brand is your unique promise.

When you have trust, everything is easy. Part of this session will focus on trust and equating it to being your own business person and running your own business. Your team, your people, the families of your patients are your customers…and they need to trust you to help your business run well.

I will focus on identity and self-awareness and how these apply to both their work-life and their personal life. People can lose the trust of others because of broken promises. Therefore, if you make a statement to a family member, you never want to overpromise and under-deliver since that is the surefire way to lose their trust. The same holds true if you’re a leader and you tell people things are going to be a certain way and then you don’t deliver on that statement or promise – you lose their trust. That is why my philosophy is a person’s brand is their unique promise of value.

Dave Gordon is a professional speaker & educator, branding expert, CMO and communications strategist focused on helping people identify and communicate their unique value to build stronger personal, team and corporate brands. Through his keynotes and interactive breakout sessions, he shares his 25+ years of Sales, Marketing, Communications, Leadership and Customer Service expertise. His unique background and skill set, along with highly visual presentations, allow him to engage and inspire all audiences, no matter the industry or level of experience.