November 14, 2019: Transform Your Culture

– 3 Pillars of Success

Change is constant, although it can be challenging in an atmosphere of care. When progress is stifled by barriers of change, consider incorporating the 3 pillars of success – Education, Communication and Leadership.
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  1. Describe how leadership skills have impacted your team’s success, either in a positive or negative way.
  2. Discuss two ways that education can influence opportunities for change.
  3. Outline one communication technique that can empower staff and improve relationships on your team.


Sandra J. Aubuchon, MA, BSN, RN is the President of the Medical Division, Dr. Brown’s Medical. Sandi has been an RN for over 40 years and held many nursing roles – Adult Cardiology ICU/Research; Director of a Tele-ICU unit; Director of an International Networking Center onto her current position with Dr. Brown’s Medical. Her Master of Arts degree is in the field of Leadership and Management. Throughout her career, Sandi has been reminded that if a project is going to succeed you need to collect your data; evaluate possible outcomes; set smart goals; proceed with purpose and conviction, and so importantly work with a clearsighted team.

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We are very grateful to Dr. Brown’s Medical for their sponsorship of the 2019 Synova Leadership Webinar series.

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