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Letting Go: Engaging and Empowering Leaders

Letting Go: Engaging and Empowering Leaders This live webinar was on February 27… but don’t worry… you can still watch the recording!! Nurse leader burnout is all too real. As leaders, we spend a lot of time ensuring our staff are engaged and empowered, but what about...

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Stuck in the Middle: The Unique Pressures of Conflicting Demands in Leadership

Mid-level managers who have intermediate power levels within an organization can find the challenge of concurrently leading and following difficult! This presentation will discuss some strategies that may help middle managers to feel less ‘stuck in the middle’.
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Webinar: Becoming an Authentic Leader

Every leader possesses a unique set of strengths that sets them apart and empowers them to lead effectively. Yet often leaders struggle to find the right tool, strategy, or model to empower their teams. In this webinar, learn more about why authentic leadership is the truest path to be an effective, compassionate, and engaging leader.

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Keeping it Safe When the Conversation Becomes Crucial

Competency in communication is vital to effective teamwork and leadership. How do you stay focused
and get results when the stakes and emotions are high? Megan will provide insights into the key skills
necessary for communicating in difficult situations.

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Talking About My Generation

Never before have so many generations of nurses worked together in the workplace, each with its own unique strengths and challenges.  Today’s workforce is comprised of staff who have been at the bedside or in the unit for 6 months to 50 years.  This creates challenges due to different communication styles, work practices, and expectations from employers, but it also creates significant opportunities, as different generations bring different experiences and skills. This interactive webinar will provide tips for leveraging strengths and communicating effectively with all generations.

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Emotional Intelligence Leading with Heart and Brain

Sometimes emotions get in the way of thinking, but what you may not realize is – they are also the key to thinking. Our brains require emotion to weigh and evaluate decisions.

Emotional intelligence (EI) is a scientifically validated function of the human brain that helps us process and utilizes emotional information… It’s “Being smart with feelings.”

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