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Engaging and Empowering Leaders

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Nurse leader burnout is all too real. As leaders, we spend a lot of time ensuring our staff
are engaged and empowered, but what about ourselves? In this webinar we will look
inward, evaluating our own burnout risk and exploring strategies to cope, and ultimately
avoid burnout.


  1. List three strategies to reduce the everyday stress you experience in your role as a nursing leader.
  2. Outline two techniques that you plan to utilize to improve your personal engagement with your team.


Megan Elliott, MSN, RNC-NIC, is the Nurse Manager in the NICU at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC, a 53-bed unit with 170 employees. As a new graduate, the NICU was her dream job and found her passion in leadership, holding several positions including charge nurse, PCVC inserter, BLS/NRP instructor, Clinical Supervisor, and now Nurse Manager. During the 5 years that she has been in leadership, she has witnessed high levels of burnout among her peers in their fast-paced environment. Her mission is to combat this by self-reflecting daily and finding for ways to decrease her stress level, prevent burnout, and harness joy. This includes maintaining a work/life balance where she enjoys travel, practicing yoga, and spending time with family. Taking these opportunities to reset every day allows her to be present at work and connect to her passion for nursing and leadership.

We are very grateful to Dr. Brown’s Medical for their sponsorship of the 2020 Synova Leadership Webinar series.

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