AngelEye Health: Decoding the NICU Discharge Dilemma

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The Problem

A successful transition from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to life at home is fundamental for the long-term health and well-being of preterm and critically ill infants and their families. Even though the NICU discharge process occurs on a routine basis, it continues to be a broken process that healthcare teams are working to improve.  From a process improvement perspective, a more efficient and seamless discharge process has become the equivalent of the holy grail, with the solution being an elusive one that NICU teams have yet to discover.

Below are some startling statistics that demonstrate the discharge dilemma that care teams struggle with that also highlight why it is imperative that the discharge process be the focus of attention:

  • 43% of NICU parents may have a low level of health literacy
  • Parental education is concentrated in the 48 hours before discharge
  • Parents forget or misremember 80% of care instructions
  • Over 60% of NICU infants have at least one homecare or healthcare medical or nutritional error after discharge
  • NICU babies have a 15-20% greater readmission risk

The Solution

AngelEye Health is leveraging its technology platform to develop a solution, equipping care teams with the tools needed to empower families of NICU patients to improve staff efficiency and patient outcomes. To better understand the discharge dilemma, AngelEye Health has spent the last 18 months researching the literature, conducting interviews, and surveying NICU families and care team members.

AngelEye Health… Equipping care teams to empower families of NICU patients to improve outcomes

AngelEye Health partnered with the National Perinatal Association (NPA) and is proud to support their NICU Discharge Preparation and Transition Planning Guidelines,  which are considered a gold standard for evidence-based care.  To promote these guidelines, AngelEye Health sponsored a three-part educational webinar series that is available on demand (see links below):

AngelEye Health continues to collaborate with NPA to turn their discharge guidelines into a more robust technology-enabled product for hospital partners.  This groundbreaking work will utilize the AngelEye Health platform to seamlessly integrate assessments, parent education, scheduling, and transparent communication. By providing a dynamic roadmap for NICU care teams and families, AngelEye Health will be able to ensure personalized support throughout the complex journey of transitioning to home.

In a healthcare landscape driven by innovation, AngelEye Health seeks to decode and redefine NICU discharge coordination, providing care teams with technology that seamlessly supports NICU families from admission through discharge and beyond.

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