ATOM Medical – Industry Partner Spotlight

ATOM Medical has been a proud Synova Associates sponsor for over seven years because we highly value the Synova community’s opinions and feedback. Synova community member Joy Delise shared why she recommends ATOM Medical: “I like ATOM Medical products because of their great support. We were able to do a clinical trial with the ATOM Medical on-site team along with our biomedical team. Outfitting our NICU and maternity units was easy to do and we are thankful to use ATOM and their modern technology.”

As you consider your unit’s needs, here are 5 reasons ATOM Medical is best for all your infant care products:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
    • ATOM offers a 3 year warranty on all infant warming products. We pride ourselves on creating high reliability products for a competitive price.
  • Superior customer service
    • Have you tried getting service for some of your products only to be scheduled weeks out for a service consult? ATOM provides free clinical and technical support for the life of the product. We promise to answer your phone call so that you can chat with a live person and get connected with our on-site product support.
  • High safety standards
    • ATOM has a proven track record of producing high quality infant care products without any recalls. We have over 80 years of experience in this industry and distribute to 90 countries worldwide.
  • True emphasis on neurodevelopmental care for “tiny babies”
    • Our mission “to save a tiny baby’s life” is the foundation of ATOM Medical and the infant care products we create. Our products are carefully designed to create the safest, most neuro-developmentally friendly environment for the most fragile infants.
  • Solely focused on infant care products
    • ATOM specializes only in infant care, so all of our products are created to provide the best therapeutic environment for the most fragile infants. All of our R&D dollars go directly into creating new technology and products to support our mission of saving a tiny baby’s life.

To learn more about ATOM Medical infant care products please visit our website at, call us at 844-ATOMUSA, or reach out directly to our Director of Sales & Marketing, Steve Ameis, at

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