Empowering Nurse Leaders: Driving Product Innovation in Healthcare

Have you ever wondered what happens after participating in a focus group? How does your creative input shape the future of a product? In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare innovation, it is crucial for nurses to be at the forefront of change. At Synova, we believe in creating a platform where industry partners can collaborate with nurse leaders to foster discussions, inspire innovation, and drive the development of new technologies. The feedback provided by Synova’s nurse leaders is highly valued, and it plays a pivotal role in co-creating infant products that are not only meaningful to bedside nurses but also effective in improving patient outcomes. 

A Case Study of Innovation

In November 2021, Pampers engaged in a focus group with Synova’s nurse leaders, and their invaluable feedback led to the creation of a groundbreaking product: a new diaper with a multistripe wetness indicator. Prior to this innovation, single wetness indicators did not always detect small amounts of urine. The new diaper is meticulously designed to detect even these small amounts of urine, regardless of the infant’s positioning.

“I had the opportunity to connect with some of the nurse leaders who contributed to the product design change, and it was truly special to hear that these nurses felt valued and recognized for their contributions. Pampers remains committed to being a nurse-led product developer.” – Amy Wiford, BSN, RN, NTMNC 

Understanding the Needs of Nurses

The Synova community has been instrumental in providing Pampers with insights into the various pressures and factors that influence purchase decisions in the healthcare industry, such as time, quality, and cost. Nurse leaders have consistently voiced the need for reliable, high-quality diapers that meet the demands of infant care. Such products play a critical role in maintaining infant skin integrity and accommodating the rapid growth and developmental changes experienced by newborns. 

Beyond Innovative Products 

Pampers’ commitment to the well-being of infants extends beyond creating innovative products. Through Pampers Professional, they offer a range of additional resources and support for hospitals, pediatricians, and nursing professionals. These include educational materials, continuing education opportunities, scholarships, grants, clinical resources, and support for new parents. Furthermore, Pampers actively engages in maternal equity training, emphasizing their dedication to equitable care for all. 

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Join the Synova Community 

Pampers Professional invites the Synova community to actively participate in shaping the future of infant products and nursing professional development. Your experiences and feedback are invaluable in driving meaningful innovation. “We want to be nurse-led in order to co-create. Pampers wants to innovate for the things that are most important and useful to nurses,” Jennifer Gustin, R&D Director Principal Scientist, Pampers.

Nurse leaders play a vital role in product development. If you aspire to be part of this transformative process, we invite you to sign up for a paid focus group through a Synova Conference or join our closed Facebook community to participate in paid virtual focus groups. 

At Synova, we believe that the voices of nurse leaders are crucial in driving product innovation within healthcare. By actively involving nurses in the process, we can create products that address their specific needs and ultimately improve patient outcomes. Pampers’ collaboration with Synova’s nurse leaders exemplifies the power of this partnership, leading to the creation of a revolutionary preemie diaper. We encourage nurse leaders to join us in shaping the future of healthcare by actively engaging in our focus groups and sharing their expertise. Together, we can revolutionize the industry and empower nurses to spearhead change. 

Learn more about Pampers Professional

From continuing education to symposiums and scholarships, Pampers is proud to provide resources for the healthcare professionals who support and care for babies.

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